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Our Flex Term Classes Fit Your Schedule

Here’s an easy way to lighten your load in the Fall semester: Take a credit class during June!

Our Flex Term credit classes are unique classes that may fit your schedule better than regular classes. Flex Term classes run for various lengths of time, from three weeks to 20 weeks. The classes are offered each month, including June.

Flex Term classes:

  • - last for various lengths of time (not always a whole regular semester)
  • - meet once a week, three times a week or every day
  • - may help you complete your degree faster through more intensive classes
  • - teach core and specialized subjects
  • - are offered in person and online
  • - transfer and apply to degrees

There are hundreds of classes to choose among. Subjects offered in June include accounting, art, English, history, Spanish, psychology, biology, government, music appreciation, algebra and many more.

Interested? View Flex Term class schedules on the browsable class schedule by selecting the semester you’re interested in (Summer 2014) and looking for Flex Term on the right side of the page (under Special Terms and Topics).

Keep up with Flex Term offerings throughout the year. Go to this shortcut URL: http://www.dcccd.edu/FlexTerm.