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Important Fall 2014 Dates

by Joanna

Last day to register for regular semester classes

Last day to drop a class

  • Aug. 22 (If you were registered before Aug. 20)

Flex Term registration

  • Ongoing throughout the semester. Students must be registered for a Flex Term class before the class meets for the first time.

Semester begins

  • Aug. 25

Last day to arrange for a payment plan

  • Aug. 29

Certification Date (12th Class Day) for traditional, semester-length classes

  • Sept. 8 (Certification dates for Flex Term classes will vary.)

Last day to register for classes if you want to receive Financial Aid for Fall 2014

  • Sept. 9

Tuition refund dates for traditional, semester-length classes

  • 100% – Before Aug. 25 (Prior to 1st class day)
  • 70% – Aug. 25-Sept. 11 (1st through 15th class days)
  • 25% – Sept. 12-17 (16th through 20th class days)
  • None – On or after Sept. 18 (On or after 21st class day)

Financial Aid dates

Graduation application deadline

  • Varies by college (Contact the Admissions Office at your college for specific dates.)

Last day to drop with a “W” for traditional, semester-length classes

  • Nov. 13

Semester ends

  • Dec. 11