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Who's Qualified?

Who's qualified to register?

• Anyone that is TSI reading and writing met.

Financial Aid

Does taking Scholar-mester classes have an impact on my financial aid?

• As you as you follow all of the financial aid deadlines 
  and requirements, taking Scholar-mester courses should  
  not have a negative impact on your financial aid.
• Be advised though—if you intend to be a full time student  
  to receive full book disbursement money, you must be  
  registered for 12 credit hours prior to the book disbursement date.

Class Selection

Do you have to take all of these classes together or can you take only some of them?

NO, you can take the classes as you choose.


If I drop one class, do I have to drop them all?

• No.

Self Register

Can I self register?

• Yes, if you met the minimum standards. Speak with advising for more information 972-860-7106.

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