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Jessica KerinsBiology
Office – C328
Phone – 972-860-8342


B.A. in Biology (minors in Chemistry and Russian) from
St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri

M.S. in Biology from
St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri

Post-graduate studies in medicine at
University of Texas Medical School - Houston

Courses taught

BIOL.1406 ~ BIOL.1407: General Biology I & II — Majors
BIOL.1408 ~ BIOL.1409 : General Biology I & II — Non-Majors
BIOL.2406: Environmental Biology
BIOL.2401 ~ BIOL.2402: Anatomy and Physiology I & II (Majors)
SCIT.1407 ~ SCIT.1408: Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (Non-Majors)
BIOL.2420: Microbiology (Non-Majors)

Club Advising

Science Club
Environmental Awareness Club
Phi Theta Kappa (Psi Eta Chapter)

Educational Philosophy Statement

We are biological beings: we perceive the world through our biological senses and we live our lives with our biological bodies. When we study biology we are learning much that is profound about our physical selves and how we fit into our magnificent and diverse biological world.

My goal is to incite as much interest if not outright enthusiasm and appreciation for the wonders of 'life' and living things on our planet. My intention is that my students will truly master a significant body of biology information as a solid foundation for further studies as they advance into fulfilling and rewarding careers. And in doing so these same students will be improving their own lives as balanced and educated citizens. May we never stop learning our whole lives!