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Ken Balvin

Ken BalvinPhysical Education

Office – P206
Phone – 972-860-7644


B.S. Springfield College Springfield, MA;
M.S. Springfield College Springfield, MA;
Doctoral Studies
The Ohio State University


SCUBA Diving; Physical Fitness; Golf; Swimming; Jogging; Walking; Triathlon

Online SCUBA class: sign up at Padi.com (type "Mesquite" in the city search)

PADI; Master SCUBA Diver Instructor; Nationally ranked age group tri-athlete.

Recent Honor: Carried the Olympic Torch for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics. Nominated by his students as the person who most embodies the Olympic spirit, and someone who has been an inspiration in their lives.

Personal Mission Statement

Although I teach many different courses at Eastfield College, my goals remain the same for all. I want students to leave my classes much more knowledgeable, skilled, enthusiastic, and smiling. I hope that the end of the semester...will be the beginning of a lifetime of fitness and play.

I am passionate about what I teach, and strive to be a positive influence on their lives. I truly believe that "Life is Good," and hope to instill that same feeling in my students.