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Scuba Classes at Eastfield

Welcome to a magical underwater world and the beginning of a life changing experience.

Athens 2012

All dive classes offer certification through the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and may be taken for credit, or as continuing education. Classes meet once per week, and focus on knowledge and skill development in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Upon completion of all classroom and pool work, students will enjoy additional open water training dives at Athens Scuba Park.

All courses are taught by Ken Balvin, who is completing his 36th year as professor at Eastfield College. He holds the distinguished rating of "Master Scuba Diver Trainer", has nine specialty ratings, and is a nitrox instructor for those interested in technical diving. He takes great pride in the large number of divemasters and instructors he has trained over the years, and feels their continued assistance with classes is an important reason his courses are so highly recommended.

Since certification is just the beginning of the journey, Professor Balvin organizes and leads groups to some of the best dive locations around the world. Dive travel is not part of the regular curriculum, so is therefore open to anyone in the community who seeks the many advantages of group travel. Come join him as he explores the vast oceans of liquid heaven. Contact him to be put on the mailing list, to learn of upcoming group dive trips

Online SCUBA class: sign up at padi.com (type "Mesquite" in the city search)