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Phed 2141 SCUBA Diving

Syllabus Physical Education Division

Scuba Diving provides the students with the knowledge and skills to safely enjoy, and gain limited experience in the diving environment under normal open water diving conditions. This course prepares students for Open Water Scuba Diving Certification by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. The major categories of subject material and skills include diving equipment, diving physics, medical aspects of diving, diving emergencies, the diving environment, diving practices (safety), diving activities, and scuba diving skills. The students perform four training dives at Athens Scuba Park.

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Instructor:Ken Balvin, P.A.D.I. Master Scuba Instructor #8614
Office:P 206
Phone:Office - 972/860-7644
Meeting:Tues. 12:30 - 3:15Wed. 5:35 - 8:25
Text:PADI "Go Dive"

Course Objectives:

  1. To provide the student with the knowledge and skills to safely enjoy , and gain limited experience in the diving environment under normal open water diving conditions.
  2. Prepare students for Open Water Scuba Diving Certification by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI)

Certification Requirements:

  1. Attend all class room lectures.....exceptions with prior approval of the instructor.
  2. Passing evaluation on weekly pool skills.
  3. 75% or better on final written examination.
  4. Working knowledge of dive computers
  5. Successful completion of four open water training sessions.

Course Content:

  1. Diving Equipment
  2. Diving Physics
  3. Medical Aspects
  4. Diving Emergencies
  1. Diving Environment
  2. Diving Practices (Safety)
  3. Diving Activities
  4. Scuba Diving Skill

Open Water Dives -

  1. Athens Scuba Park
  2. Four dives are required, with only two permitted on each day.
  3. As part of the requirements for this class, I realize that I will be participating in some unsupervised, off campus activities. I agree to accept all responsibility for liability.

SCUBA students preparing to enter the waterAdditional Expenses -

  1. Scuba lab fee ($55) - if needed
  2. Travel expenses to lake
  3. Camping fee and park entrance
  4. Wet suit - seasonal, $10-20
  5. Fee for PADI certification card - $20.00

Grading Evaluation:

  1. Grading - to attain a grade of "A" (Excellent), the student must meet the following requirements -
    1. Attend all classroom lecture and discussion sessions. Any student missing two classroom sessions will be required to drop the course for his own safety and that of his classmates.
    2. Score an 85% or better on the final examination.
    3. Demonstrate quality performance of all diving skills in the pool and open water.
    4. Involvement in class discussion and activities.
    5. Care and handling of rental and personal scuba equipment throughout your training.
    6. Demonstrate maturity of judgment, concern for safety, and competence as a dive buddy.
  2. A student who scores less than 85% on the written final, or missed a class , or does not complete their open water training dives - will receive a grade of B.
  3. A student who fails several of the above criteria would most likely receive a grade of "C".

Withdrawal Policy:

If you wish to drop this course for a grade of "w", note the final drop date for the college and obtain and complete the proper form Withdrawing from a course is a formal procedure which you must initiate. I cannot do it for you. You may do this in Admissions or Counseling. If you stop attending, you will receive a grade of usually an F.

Students sometimes drop courses when there is help available which would enable them to continue. I hope you will discuss your plans with me if you should feel the need to withdraw.


Students requesting accommodation due to the presence of a disability must identify themselves in a timely fashion and demonstrate/document the need for accommodation through the Disability Services Office (DSO). For information regarding the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities, contact DSO at 972-860-8348 voice/TDD  

The guidelines in this syllabus may be changed, deleted or amended at any time by the instructor.