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Accounting Events

Upcoming Events:

Reality Fair, November 12, 2015
Sponsored by the Accounting Department, OSER, and Resource One Credit Union

Student Comments About Past Events:

Reality Fair

"It was good!""It was fun"
"It was a great event. Thanks""Very interesting and helpful!"
"Fun learning activity""Woohoo! Accounting!"
"Showed me how life will be""Really helped"
"Interesting/reality""Loved, loved, loved it!"
"Please have more of these events!""Very close to reality"
"Good job""It was a great way to really know how you
want to live regarding expenses, income, etc."

Accounting Career Symposium
Sponsored by: Eastfield Accounting Department and Accounting Club

Your Personal Brand
Learning Objectives: Self-Responsibility and Social Skills

"He was very wonderful, I wish I had this type of program when I was in my 20's."
"Mr. Burch has been the first person to tell me about the elevator speech... So I definitely learn something every time."
"How to build my brand in different ways and how your look and personality fit in it."
"How to better brand myself."
"Understand what makes you different, establish your appearance, communication."
"[I learned] how to make and build a better personal brand."
"[I learned] how to brand myself, lots of info!"
"Learned about the importance of networking and the effective ways to do so. "

Lifestyles of the CPA
Learning Objectives: Self-Responsibility and Social Skills

"I learned about shaping my passion, volunteering, etiquette, and success."
"World of information."
"Thank you to the Accounting department for the opportunity of giving us to learn about our majors. Great workshops!! Great speaker!"
"To be an accountant you need a 3.3 and up for big firms and a 2.7 GPA for small firms. Need 150 credit hours. Should be doable."
"Have a vision of where you want to be. I may have some failures but it will help me along the way to keep going. Success is individual."
"A lot of awesome info!"
"There are many different routes to go into accounting. You can be an auditor, public accountant, teacher, etc. There is a big need for them."
"I learned about various types of positions within the accounting field. I learned about initial work expectations and tips for interviewing."
"Very interesting, pleased to hear all their comments."