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Both programs have limited spaces, require applications, and are dependent upon available slots per age group. The evening program participants must reapply each semester on a first-come-first-served basis. The day program is open to anyone. The night program is available only to children of EFC students taking night classes.

Application Process

Day program applications are accepted year-round. There is a waiting list application form to complete and sign. A $50 waiting list fee per child is required. Payment for the waiting list application fee is due at the EFC business office, C-126 in person or by phone 972-860-7093 with a debit/credit card. Once paid, the applicant should return the application and receipt to the center. Applications without the fee will not be placed on the waiting list. The waiting list fee is non-refundable, even if no slot opens for your child. When space is offered to a family, they have a calendar week to accept the space.

Evening program applications are accepted prior to the beginning of each main semester (fall, spring, summer I). Even current evening participants must reapply EACH semester. There is no registration fee for the evening program. Night applications are picked up and completed, then returned with all required information included in the packet. The application is then processed, and you will then need to complete a second-round enrollment packet before participation may begin.

Enrollment Fee

A first time enrollment fee of $50 per child is required before your child is able to be enrolled in our program. Pay the enrollment fee at the EFC business office, C-126 in person or by phone 972-860-7093 with a debit/credit card.

Required Documents

All enrollment and registration documents must be complete and submitted prior to the first day of care.

The following documents are required:
  • Child Background History/Teacher Information Form

  • Enrollment Form/Emergency Contact Form

  • Health Requirement Form (Completed and signed by physician or health professional)

  • Authorization for Emergency Medical Care (notarized)

  • Waiver of Liability (notarized)

  • Authorization for Topical Medication

  • Complete and Current Immunization Record (to be maintained by the parent and updated appropriately)

Required Visitation Period

A week of visitation is required for the day program toddlers and multi-agers. We respect the challenges of transitions for young children and work together with families to ease this time as much as possible. We ask that new children visit for one week, an hour-to-two hours a day, at varying times of the day. This allows for the child to experience their new teachers, friends, classrooms, and routines in various pieces before beginning full time. A parent/guardian or other person chosen by the parent is required to stay in the building during this visitation time. They may watch from the observation area or stay in the lobby. An adult, 18 years or older, must stay in the CCFS building during the visitation period.

Infants are not required to have a formal visitation, but we find families and children do best if they have a chance to get used to the teachers and the room before they are left here for a full day. We encourage infant parents to discuss visiting plans with the director and classroom teachers to arrange times to visit the room.

Due to the attention we wish to give each child as they transition in our care, we space the timing of new and transitioning children and do not begin more than one child in one age group at a time. Tuition is not charged the week of visitation for new children.


Enrollment for the day and evening programs is based on availability. Due to low staff-child ratios, our enrollment is limited. Our classes have multiple ages in their groups and our children move up in the program based on individual birthdays and appropriate development. The placement and transitions to the next group also effect availability in the program.

Enrollment and Placement

Exact age and developmental level determine the placement of children in a classroom. Each child will be placed where his/her needs will be met and interests will be challenged. Every attempt is made to have classroom groups that are balanced by age, gender and race/ethnicity according to appropriate demographics. In accordance to federal law and USDA policy, we are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.