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NAEYC Accredited Laboratory School

naeyc logoThe CLS is proudly accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).


What is Accreditation?

This elite accreditation is a testimony to the dedication we hold for excellence in our practices and policies, meeting and exceeding the research-based, data-driven standards set by the academy. The academy is known for its extensive research in the best practice and policies for the care of young children. For more information visit www.naeyc.org.

What is a “Laboratory School?”

The Children’s Laboratory School (CLS), a service to support the education of the college students, is housed in Eastfield College’s Center for Child and Family Studies (CCFS). The CLS is a model child development program that provides the laboratory experience for college students from Eastfield, other area college and university students and also dually-enrolled high school students who are working toward receiving degrees, certificates or awards in child development or early childhood teacher education.

Student participation takes several forms in the CCFS. Some functions may include students who observe children for case studies, complete observational assignments regarding best teaching practices, health and safety and learning environments for children. Some students also practice teaching strategies they learn in class by working alongside the CLS teachers and/or conducting learning activities under the direction of CLS teachers. Students are always accompanied by one of our staff members, are not left alone with children at any time and are not counted as part of our teacher/child ratio.

The center also serves as a model for the community at large. The program does this by providing a family friendly learning environment that meets the needs of the children and families it serves. Because our program is part of an educational teaching institution, it maintains the highest standards in the field of Child Development and Early Childhood Education. Methods are based on proven research and professional literature and serve the best interest of children.