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The mission of Eastfield College is to provide excellence in teaching and learning.

Our Program

Our day program has been developed to meet the needs of children from six weeks old through pre-kindergarten while our evening program is designed to meet the needs of children from one year through 12 years old. The programs are planned with the understanding that children are unique individuals with their own needs, interests and rate of development. The programs are flexible to meet the needs of the child and the group.

Program Goals

The program goals provide an environment that allows children to:
  • feel loved and grow in the feeling that they are a unique and valued person

  • experience a welcoming environment and comfort in a new setting

  • separate smoothly from parents to teachers

  • experience predictability with a regular, but flexible, daily routine

  • find success in doing activities of their own choosing and discover the challenge of new experiences

  • experience positive relationships with peers and adults

  • build strength, muscular coordination and physical skills

  • learn to define and express feelings of self and others

  • learn self-regulation to manage routines and develop good health habits

  • grow in understanding of our world, both natural and social

  • develop concepts appropriate to their intellectual level in solving problems and broadening intellect and fluency

  • experience creative expression through art, music, literature and dramatic play

  • broaden language and literacy development through speaking, listening, reading and writing

  • experience anti-bias multicultural learning opportunities to explore and appreciate individual differences, culture and societal changes and social justice

  • experience family-like classrooms with multiple-age children providing experiences for children to learn from one another through leadership and modeling

  • have personal experiences among children within small groups, large groups, and opportunities for privacy

Program Implementation

The CLS strives to provide a quality experience for families by ensuring:

- Program staff professional development
  • staff educated in early childhood development and /or child development

  • commitment to provide ongoing support and resources for success in each staff member’s work

  • team-building initiatives moving the efforts of the philosophy

  • ongoing professional development including conferences, seminars, reading publications and pursuit of additional degrees and certifications

  • current CPR and first-aid training, and SIDS/shaken-baby prevention training

- Program safety and accountability
  • limited, monitored access to the building

  • restricted access to the children’s and observation areas

  • check-in process for all building visitors

  • digital scanning of individuals for criminal history before access to observation hallway

  • Department of Family and Protective Service (DFPS) background checks on anyone working with or around the children, including FBI fingerprinting for all staff

  • TB screening for anyone working with or around the children

  • food handler license for all classroom staff

  • annual and on-call site reviews by licensing agency, Texas DFPS

  • annual reports and on-site reviews by NAEYC

  • quarterly site reviews by the Mesquite Health Department
- Program Quality
  • Low staff-child ratios and smaller group sizes

  • Parent Involvement

  • Goal setting to support the use of best practices

  • Staff educated in Early Childhood Education or Child Development