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The mission of Eastfield College is to provide excellence in teaching and learning.

Center Personnel

At Eastfield College Children’s Laboratory School, we have diverse, well-qualified, experienced staff. Each daytime program’s classroom staff consists of one full-time lead teacher, at least one assistant lead teacher, and part-time teachers’ aides. Our evening program’s classroom staff consists of one part-time lead teacher and part-time teacher assistants or teachers’ aides, as needed.


Our teachers have many years of experience working with young children. Lead teachers are required to have a bachelor’s degree or associate degree working toward a bachelor’s degree in Child Development or Early Childhood Education or closely related field, plus have at least one to three years of experience teaching in early childhood settings.

It is the lead teachers’ role to develop and implement the classroom’s curriculum and to train and supervise their other classroom teachers. Our assistant lead teachers, are required to have at least a CDA Credential/Child Development Certificate, but most have an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. Our part-time teacher’s aides are staff members who have associate’s degrees, CDAs, or are currently working towards one, and/or must have had a minimum of 12 hours in child development/early childhood education coursework before they can work in our classrooms.


Our director, Misty Lavigne, holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Her undergraduate degree is in Child Development.

The director must have extensive knowledge of child development and quality programming which meets standards established by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. He or she must have strong communication skills, with the ability to hire, manage and train teachers and assistants, as well as the ability to foster a cooperative environment. Also, she or he is responsible for the business and administrative side of the program. If you have any concerns that have not been addressed by talking to the teachers first, feel free to take your questions to the director. The director is supervised by the Program Administrator for the Center for Child and Family Studies who reports to the Dean of Social Science, Human Services, and Business. 

Assistant Director

Our assistant director, Joy Forshee, holds an Associate degree in Child Development and is a part of the management team who is responsible for managing the food program, supervising the cook, coordinating facilities operations, assisting the director and is also available to families for information and support as needed.

Evening Coordinator

The Evening Coordinator works with student families who attend the evening program. This team member’s focus is to assist student parents in accessing campus and community resources so they are able to reach their academic goals.

Cooking Staff

Our cooking staff is required to undergo food management certification and be registered with the Mesquite Health Department.

Hiring Personnel

In the event one of our permanent staff resigns or is terminated, we must follow the hiring procedures set forth by the Human Resources Department of the Dallas County Community College District. This can be a lengthy process, so we ask for your patience while we fill the vacancy. We do try to give parents and children enough notice about these departures; however, there may be times when we are not given advance notice in certain situations. Parents are encouraged to have a part in any personnel search processes.