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The day program opens at 7:00 a.m. Children are required to be in the classroom before 9:00 a.m. each day. We reserve the right to turn away any family that does not arrive by 9:00 a.m. Children are expected to be in attendance Monday through Friday. Our program is planned with important learning opportunities, which your child will not want to miss.

If your child will be late or absent due to a doctor’s appointment, family illness, car trouble or other occasional special event, please call the center’s main line: 972-860-7195. If possible, please schedule doctor’s appointments for before 11 a.m. After that time, the children begin to transition to important health routines including lunch, brushing teeth and resting. A child’s day can be kept most regular when these times are not altered. Contact the center by 9:00 a.m. if your child will not be attending. Please call 972-860-7195 to report absences, late pick-up or other notifications. Messages left on the director’s, assistant director’s or classroom phone lines may not get transferred in a timely manner.

The night program opens at 5:00 p.m. Children are only allowed to be in attendance 30 minutes prior to the parents’ first class and must be picked up by 15 minutes after the parents’ last class dismisses. Changes or exceptions to this must be made with the family coordinator. All absences need to be called in and reported: 972-860-7195.

Arrival and Departure

Cell phone use is not allowed down our hallways and should never be used when dropping off or picking up the children. Drop-off times can be difficult for young children. Parents need to be fully present with their children, giving them the time and attention they deserve each morning and afternoon. Parents and staff are expected to interact with one another daily as a way to check in with each other, give informal updates of progress, issues, or changes that either may need to be aware. If you have personal or sensitive issues or topics that are inappropriate for the children to hear (or you do not want observers to witness), please take the time to reach out to the teacher privately, either by arranged phone conversation, email, or a one-on-one meeting. If you need the teacher to know in quick and timely way and cannot tell the teacher discreetly at that time, tell the director or assistant director who will then discreetly relay the message for you.

Children must be taken to their assigned classroom by their parent/guardian and released to the staff in the classroom. Be sure the staff in the classroom sees you and greets your child. Always say good-bye to your child, please never “sneak out” as a way to avoid tearful good-byes. This only adds stress to a child. Additionally, once you say good-bye to the child, it is best that you make your exit. If you are concerned about your child’s transition, we encourage you to go to the lobby to sign-in to the observation side of the building.   You are not allowed to go directly from the children’s side of the building to the observation windows without going back to the lobby first.   Staying where you are visible to your child may make the transition harder and more stressful for him/her.

Arrival health checks are done each day to insure that your child is feeling well. This takes a few minutes. This procedure has been found to prevent the spread of disease. Your cooperation is appreciated.

In order to remain committed to developmentally appropriate classroom practices for the ages in each group, parents are asked to assist the teachers by understanding the daily schedules and procedures, being familiar with the classroom environment, knowing the teachers’ names and providing the necessary supplies for your child.

Parents and guardians are to keep their children with them at all times when they are not in the care of their teachers. Children must be directly accompanied by you in the hallway (with you, not running ahead), may only be in the lobby with you, and classrooms other than their own are not appropriate places for them to play or explore, even with parental supervision. Safety and health issues are a priority here, and appropriate protocol must be respected.

When children are picked up from the center, be sure to sign them out and inform the staff in the room. Again, no cell phone use when picking up children or dropping them off. At leaving time, children will be asked to pick up materials that they are using before they leave the room or playground. Check each child’s cubby or box for newsletters, artwork, soiled clothing and information about the day’s events. Please use this opportunity to connect with your child and your child’s teachers about their day, other issues, etc. Allow your child to say good-bye to the class, teachers, room, etc. as a way to transition from school to home again.

We welcome parents any time at the center and want to build wonderful relationships with them. However, we must also be aware that lengthy visiting with the other children and staff either at pick-up or drop-off becomes disruptive, distracts teachers from care and supervision of the children, or may cause other challenges to the harmony of the room. Please limit the time you spend in the room for these transitions (usually 10-15 minutes seems to be a reasonable limit). Our focus must be the children and their needs. If you need to set up a conference time or one-on-one meeting with the teachers, you are encouraged to do so.

If you are new to the center or have someone else picking up your child whom our front staff does not yet know, please understand we will require ID in order for you and anyone else to enter the hallway. This is for the safety of your child and everyone else’s. It is not intended to slow anyone down or offend family members. Please remind anyone else who may be dropping off or picking up your child of our rules