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Competencies Required of Graduates Majoring
In Criminal Justice

The First Year: Students are required to know...

  • The history of the criminal justice system
  • Know the elements which make up the system and how they interact and impact on one another
  • Be able to define a felony vs. misdemeanor and the various classifications.
  • Make proper presentation of evidence to the court

The Second Year: Student will continue the learning the process to include…

  • The history of man in society as he attempts to live by the laws and their applications to all
  • Clearly define the role of the law enforcement system versus the private
  • Security system
  • Be required to know and demonstrate the proven techniques when
  • Interviewing persons involved in crimes as a witness, complainant and/or victim
  • Be able to write the necessary reports used in law enforcement, courts, probation and parole, and corrections
  • Demonstrate the ability and justify all written reports through presentation made to class and properly respond to questions

Note: Students seeking the Associate of Applied Science degree who plan to transfer to a four-year institution should consult an advisor or counselor regarding transfer requirements and the transferability of WECM courses to the four year institution of their choice.