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Criminal Justice

Build a Foundation for a Career in Law Enforcement

BadgeCompletion of studies provides the basis for additional education in Criminal Justice dependent on requirement at the Four-Year University of your choice or entrance into one of many exciting fields in law enforcement.

Career fields include:

ATF Prisons and Jails
FBI IRS Criminal Investigator
Courts Juvenile Detention
US Customs
(Aid, Import Specialist,
Inspector, Patrol Officer)
Law Enforcement
(Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, Homicide Squad)
Law Offices US Secret Service
US Marshall US Dept. of Agriculture
DA State Police
US Department of Justice US Border Patrol

Criminal Justice Catalog Course Descriptions CRIJ CJLE CJSA

Associate in Arts Degree with Field of Study in Criminal Justice
Associate in Applied Sciences Degree in Criminal Justice
Criminal Forensics Certificate
Criminal Digital Forensic Investigations Technician Certificate  


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