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The aging of the population is one of the most important demographic trends currently affecting the United States. The 60-plus population is growing more rapidly than any other major population group. Individual who have studied gerontology (study of aging) are in high demand as expanding opportunities exist for individuals who provide direct service to older adults. Gerontology complements a variety of existing degree and certificates program. Almost every area of study or practice that deals with people or their needs has a branch that is devoted to aging. This certificate will add specify knowledge and skills in working with and relating to the older population.

Did you know that people over the age of 80 are the fastest growing segment of our society? People aged 60 and older will constitute 20% of the world’s population in the year 2015. Individuals with gerontology background will continue to be in high demand in the 21st century. A certificate with a concentration in gerontology will provide an excellent foundation for pursuing the growth career paths needed to meet the need of our changing society. As a graduate with a certificate, you should have an understanding of the diverse challenges and opportunities that face the older adult in a changing world.

In the next decade, the fastest-growing occupations will be concentrated in the service industries such as business, healthcare and social services. The demand for graduates with non-technical certificates is growing because employers want more than an individual with a certificate in specify field. With current demographic changes, knowledge in the area of gerontology provides flexibility to enter career path in nearly every field imaginable in these high demand areas. A few of the employment sectors that hold promise for an individual who has completed a certificate/degree with emphasis in Gerontology include:

  • Health Services-every aspect of health care from wellness and prevention to illness and providing direct care or administration to policy development and health education.
  • Social Service-group work with elderly, recreation, administration and rehabilitation.
  • Community Work-fundraising for social service agencies, nonprofits, or community development centers.
  • Corrections-probation parole, detention centers or other areas that serve the older adults.
  • Business-advertising, marketing and consumer research, personnel, training or sales.
  • Educational Settings-adult lifelong learning programs for community education offices.
  • Public Relations-writing, research, and editing material for or on behalf of the older adult.
  • Government Service-policy development or work at the federal, state or local level.    

Eastfield College, again, takes the lead in addressing the needs of humanity and industry. Because of the rapid growth of the retirement population, and because of the needs of society and industry pertaining to assistance in caring for senior citizens, Eastfield College has put together a 24-semester hour, Level I Certificate in Gerontology. The certificate is designed to educate and train individuals who have a desire to work in this specialized field.

One strength of the certificate in Gerontology is that it is built around WECM courses which will enable Eastfield College to change the emphasis of the certificate to meet the needs of business, industry, and society (i.e., nursing homes, day nursing, assisted living, nutrition programs, etc.)

In addition the college offers Activity Director courses that meet the requirement for the State of Texas.
For more information regarding the Social Work/Gerontology Certificate Program, contact Gloria Jackson, Gerontology Program Faculty at 972-860-7624, email gJackson@dcccd.edu, or Phillip Ortiz, Coordinator, 972-391-1037, PhillipOrtiz@dcccd.edu