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Management education at Eastfield College has a high success rate and offers quick results at an affordable cost. This program provides contemporary training in a non-threatening environment with other professionals.

The thirty credit-hour program provides a certificate upon completion. This program can be completed by attending one evening a week for four semesters (or roughly 18 months). As an alternative, courses are available online or through self-paced learning.

This certificate can then be utilized to complete an associate degree (by adding another 10 courses of general studies) and is transferable to most area universities.

Management Certificate information

Management courses, in conjunction with cooperative work experience (co-op), are offered each semester.

First semester: Introduction to Supervision includes management philosophies and their implications; analysis of leadership styles; theories of motivation; and study in communication and change.

Second semester: Human Resource Management covers the personal function, structure, and responsibilities; the employment process; compensation management; and performance appraisal.

Third semester: Organizational Behavior includes the study of organizational goals, processes, structure, team building, conflict, and renewal.

Fourth semester: Problem Solving and Decision Making stresses the development of managerial strategies and tactics; problem solving techniques and the decision-making process, and the use of analytical management tools. Theories and techniques of making effective presentations are also covered.

All courses incorporate a “multimedia” approach to learning, which includes Internet activities, interactive computer assisted learning, textbooks, case studies, individual and group projects, films, guest speakers, lectures, and experiential exercises.

These exercises are included in every semester and are designed to involve you in problem-solving situations, which closely simulate those encountered on the job. Exercises become more intricate and challenging as you progress through the program.


In addition to the management course, you will be concurrently enrolled in Management Cooperative Work Experience. This training is conducted on the job, and is monitored and controlled by your supervisor and the instructor.

In the co-op work experience courses, you learn the practical application of classroom material providing insight into the relationship between textbook concepts and real world application.

The Management by Objectives (MBO) system applies to your job in the co-op work experience. At the beginning of each semester, you will prepare (with the assistance and guidance of your supervisor) a number of work-related objectives to be completed during the semester. Your instructor monitors your objectives to ensure that they challenge your capabilities.

This multi-faceted approach, combined with the cross-section of students representing a wide variety of business organizations, provides a stimulating and challenging educational environment in which to develop and refine the skills necessary for effective management of today’s organizations.

The management curriculum is a challenging one; but this challenge will help you to develop the human relations skills, resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, and decision-making abilities that will enhance your long-range effectiveness. This experience will increase your self-confidence and help you become a more valuable member of an organization.

This certificate program can be applied toward an Associate Degree

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The total for tuition, fees, and books is approximately $350 per semester including all costs.

This provides:

  • 30 hours of credit
  • A certificate of completion.
  • Less than $3 per hour, per trainee.
  • Coordination of career goals with academic goals.
  • Credit for job-related training.
  • Continuous support from Management faculty.


Financial aid in the form of grants, loans and scholarships is available through Eastfield College’s Financial Aid Office (C238, 972-860-7188). Apply for financial aid at least two months prior to registration.


For more information call Doug Richardson, Management Program Chairman, 972-860-7089,
L-330, email DougR@dcccd.edu.