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Full Time Business Faculty

 Emilio M. D. López, Jr., BSChE, MBA


With a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from MIT and a Master in Business Administration from Baylor University, Emilio forged ahead into a career of Process Engineering, Customer Support, Account Management, Production Management, V.P. of Engineering, and Sr. Equipment Engineering Management. His experience has been in the Printed Circuit Board, Telecommunications, Food & Beverage Service, and Education industries.

Emilio’s career started in Dallas, TX as a Process Engineer in a PCB manufacturing environment where he literally got his feet wet in the Plating, Soldering, and Imaging areas. After 3 years, he was recruited by one of his suppliers to join their team as an Applications Engineer, in which he ultimately supported clients' Wet Processing departments. They used his employer’s proprietary chemical solutions for plating copper, nickel, and palladium metals. Supporting customers nationwide, he eventually had a travel schedule that required that he be on the road no less than 75% of his time.

This prompted a move to a then-local PCB manufacturer in Tempe, AZ, where he contracted his services for a one-year period. He was tasked to optimize their Engineering support operations which he accomplished through intense cross-training of existing personnel as well as establishing procedures that would allow the operators to function without direct Engineering support upon his departure.

Emilio’s return to Dallas involved a career change into the Telecommunications Industry. This was with a 6-month old start-up that needed Process Engineering help to expand their consulting services to include a manufacturing division. Since this was his strength, the transition was relatively seamless. The technical partner took Emilio under his wing to educate him on the particulars of the industry where he ultimately excelled. Ultimately, with a staff of six, Emilio and his team managed to peak at $4.2 million (annual) within a 4-year period - this through several downturns in the industry. The final downturn eliminated the company’s customer base and therefore shut their doors.

An opportunity to get back into the corporate world arose in the Food & Beverage Service industry in which Emilio was asked to be the Sr. Manager over the Equipment Engineering group. Prior to a company-wide workforce reduction a year later, Emilio applied his technical and business skills to address equipment-supplier and franchisee issues nationwide. Through cross-functional collaboration and firm negotiation, Emilio not only improved the quality and functionality of the base equipment for 6500 restaurants, but also saved 100's of thousands of dollars in service fees well into the future.

During his transition, Emilio pursued other business opportunities, furthered his education, and spent an inordinate, but cherished amount of time with his son. Emilio speaks, reads, and writes English and Spanish.

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