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Why declare a major in Management?

Has your employer recommended college courses to help make you more promotable?

Are you interested in making yourself more valuable as an employee in order to gain more visibility?

Do you wish to enhance your career options and gain upward mobility?

Then declare a major in management!

These degree plans are to maximize the development of personal and management skills. In addition to the academic courses that reinforce the many aspects of management development; cooperative work experience allows college credit for applied on the job growth and development.

This concept reinforces the tie between your academic pursuits and your job enhancement and expanded capabilities.

If you are interested in becoming more promotable or more valuable as an employee, this direction will provide a roadmap for maximizing your time and success.

Both certificates lead toward the completion of the Management Associates Degree. You can begin with the Supervisor Certificate, then Management Certificate. Learn more about the Supervisor Certificate and Management Certificate's gainful employment information. An additional eight courses are required to complete the Management Associates.

Upon completion of each of the certificates you will have official recognition of completing a course of study that is recorded on your transcript. This reinforces your momentum and success and should motivate you to complete the associates in the minimum amount of time. Because of the applied learning aspect this approach should have the maximum amount of impact in your current or future career.

Click on the tabs to answer most of your questions, if on review of the information you have additional questions, please contact us at BusinessManagement@dcccd.edu.