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Michael Santiago

Criminal Justice Instructor

Michael SantiagoTelephone972-860-7690

Degrees/Education: BA Criminal Justice Administration, MS Criminal Justice Administration from The University of Central Texas

Experience: 15 years Killeen Police Department, Patrol Officer, Homicide Investigator, Sgt Internal Affairs, Patrol Sgt, Sgt. Killeen Police Training Academy, 25 years of classroom instruction as a part and full time Criminal Justice instructor.

What I can offer you.  The Eastfield College Criminal Justice program is a hands-on experience preparing the student for a career in criminal justice.   Students will receive the benefit of the instructor’s practical knowledge as well as years of class room teaching.

What you can offer yourself:  The college experience is an important step to your career in the Criminal Justice field.  Challenge yourself and your instructor to learn all you can about the career you have chosen.

What we can do together:  Together we can explore, learn and prepare you for a challenging career.

Where you can go from here? If you are interested in a career in criminal justice contact us today and let’s get started.