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Officially Recognized Clubs and Organizations

Student Club Student clubs allow individuals to discover and pursue special interests, abilities and skills, and to assume leadership roles in the community. Students interested in joining a student club or forming a new one should contact either the club advisor listed or the Student Life office. The Student Life office is located in Room C-141, first floor of the campus center building, and can be reached at 972-860-7185. All student clubs must be recognized by the Student Life Office.

Club nameDescription

Accounting Club

Purpose:  To create networking opportunities with prominent accounting professionals and to perfect leadership skills of its members while developing a commitment to excellence.

Advisor:  Regina Brown (972-860-7119)

Anime ClubPurpose: To watch and understand Japanese cartoons and animations.

Advisor: Emilio Lopez (972- 860-7118)

Ars Poetica, Etc.


Purpose: To explore textual interpretations of human experience, especially as they concern poetry, poetics, and language-based aesthetics.

Advisor:  Amanda Preston (972-860-7211), Sean Sutherlin (972-860-7124)

Athletes in Action

Purpose: To build athletic movements of people who are transformed by Jesus Christ. A believer on every team, every campus, every nation.

Advisor: Michael Martin (972-860-7643)

Auto Body Club

Purpose: To share knowledge of the collision repair.

Advisor: Carlos Ojeda (972-860-7283), Stephanie Dibble (972-860-7252)

Baptist Student Ministry

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for students to fellowship and meet for Bible study.

Advisor: Micheal Hutchins (972-860-7681)

Baseball Club

Purpose: To promote the baseball program and its facilities.

Advisor: Michael Martin (972-860-7643)

Belly Dance Club

Purpose: To enrich students at Eastfield College with the Arabic Culture through the performing arts of   dance and music.

Advisor: Antastasia Lankford  ( 972-860-7177)

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Purpose::  To learn more about the business industry and network with those who have similar interests.

Advisors:  Emilio Lopez (972-860-7118), Elisa Garcia (972-860-7224)

Club Y.O.U.: Your Opportunity to Unite

Purpose:: To encourage Eastfield students to develop an altruistic mindset for the betterment of humanity.

Advisor:: Jonathan Michelon (972-860-7652), Judith Dumont (972-860-7026)

Communications Club

Purpose: To help students further develop speech communication skills by participating in professional workshops and events.

Advisor:  Mary Forrest ( 972-860-7658) Bob Hopkins (972-860-7124)

Dance Tank

Purpose: To provide a space for various workshops and open sessions for various styles of dance as well as to learn, connect and grow with other dancers.

Advisor: Danielle Georgiou (972-860-7036)

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Purpose: To have a safe and friendly environment on and around campus for all students.

Advisors: Kassandra Buck (972-860-7046), Amber Pagel (972-391-1063)

Harvester Choral Society

Purpose: To provide a club for voice enthusiasts.

Advisor: Melinda Imthurn (972-860-7135)


Purpose:  To promote the dramatic arts and create a club where people interested in drama can socialize.

Advisors:Dustina Reasons (972-860-7653)

Human Services Community Service & Honor Club

Purpose: To promote high ideals and advances in excellence in the field of human services.

Advisors:  Gloria Jackson (972-860-7624).

International Student ClubPurpose: To promote understanding and better relation between international and national students trough social and cultural activities.

Advisor: Reem Soliman (972-860-7618), Aline Lopes (972-860-8308)

Purpose: To promote physical wellness and stress management through the art of Belly Dance and music.

Advisor: Anastasia Lankford (972-860-7177)


Purpose: To advocate equal opportunities for Hispanics/minorities relating to Government, Law and Business.

Advisors: Matt Hinckley (972-860-7156), Cindy Castaneda (972-860-7043), Katherine Cloer (972-860-7156)


Purpose:  To help and encourage students with their math work and serve as a gathering place, as well as an academic and career resource, where all students interested in math can further their involvement in the subject.

Advisor:  Leticia Escobar (972-860-7082)

Men’s Empowerment Coalition

Purpose: To engage and retain male students by involving them academically, socially, culturally, and professionally in their campus and the community.

Advisor: Courtney Brazile (972-860-7164)

National Society of Collegiate Scholars at Eastfield College

Purpose: To recognize and celebrate high achievement among 1st and 2nd year students in all academic disciplines.

Advisor: Nate Simpson (972-860-7027)

Native American Ways

Purpose: To gather Native Americans together to see who’s who on campus in order to participate in group activities.

Advisor: Frank Millsap (972-860-7397)

Phi Theta Kappa - International Honor Society (PTK)

Purpose: To recognize and encourage scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service among students.


Renewable Energy (TREC)

Purpose:  To raise awareness of renewable energy to ensure sustainability for future generations.

Advisors:  Clay Rawlins (972-860-7683), Cindy Castaneda (972-860-7043)

Rotaract Club
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Purpose:  To provide opportunities for men and women to enhance personal development, and to promote a worldwide framework of friendship and service.

Advisor: John Emery (972-860-7623), Kassandra Buck (972-860-7046)

Salsa Club


Purpose:  To learn how to Salsa Dance and to make new friends.

Advisor:  Buddy Saucedo (972-860-7351)

Science Club
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Purpose: Provide an opportunity for those interested in Science to encourage leadership in the field of Science and research worldwide.

Advisor: Rik Post (972-860-8342), Linda Rankin (972-860-7140),  Jeff Hughes (972-860-7140)


Purpose: To recognize & reward outstanding achievement in English language & literature; provide cultural stimulation & promote interest in literature, English language & writing; promote good character & fellowship; exhibit high standards of academic excellence & foster literacy.

Advisor: Rufel Ramos (972-860-7361)


Purpose: To build a following of Jesus Christ through powerful and creative leadership that makes Jesus approachable, personable and receivable, further enhancing the character of our campus.

Advisor: Danita Bradshaw-Shaw (972-860-7279)


Purpose:  To promote leadership, teamwork and importance of physical fitness to students through tennis.  Join USTA tournaments.
Advisor:  Ramiro Gutierrez (972-860-7393)


Purpose: To collaborate and develop friendships between videogame players at Eastfield.

Advisor: Emilio Lopez (972- 860-7118)


Purpose: To prepare for the zombie apocalypse and socialize with others who also love the living dead.

Advisor: David Danforth (972-860-7069)

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