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Officially Recognized Clubs and Organizations

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Adventure and Travel ClubAdvisor: Rik Post (972-860-8324)
Allied Health ClubPurpose:  To provide networking among other students who are interested in the medical and allied health fields. 

Advisors:  Jessica Kerins (972-860-8137), Carl Knight (972-860-7152), Richard Post, Jr. (972-860-8342)
Anime ClubPurpose: To watch and understand Japanese cartoons and animations.

Advisor: Emilio Lopez (972- 860-7118) 
Baptist Student MinistryPurpose: To encourage and bring others to come to know Christ.

Advisor: Micheal Hutchins (972-860-7681)
Baseball ClubPurpose: To promote and support the baseball program and its facilities.

Advisor: Michael Martin (972-860-7643)
Comic Book ClubPurpose: To recognize and promote the genre of comic book and graphic novels at Eastfield College.

Nina Lambert (972-860-7229), Rufel Ramos (972-860-7361)
Communication ClubPurpose: To help students further develop speech communication skills by participating in professional workshops and events.

 Mary Forrest (972-860-7658) Courtney Brazile (972-860-7164)
Economics ClubPurpose: To network with professionals in the field and explore the horizon of what economics really is.

Robert Felder (972-860-7121)
Harvester Choral SocietyPurpose: To provide a club for voice enthusiasts.

Advisor: Melinda Imthurn (972-860-7135)
Human Services Honor ClubPurpose: To provide co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which guide and enhance the education experience of its members.

Gloria Jackson (972-860-7624)
International Student ClubPurpose: To promote understanding and better relation between international and national students through social and cultural activities.

Advisor: Aline Lopes (972-860-8308)
LULACPurpose: To advocate equal opportunities for Hispanics/minorities relating to Government, Law and Business.

 Katherine Reguero (972-860-7156)
Men’s Empowerment CoalitionPurpose: To engage and retain male students by involving them academically, socially, culturally, and professionally in their campus and the community.

: Courtney Brazile (972-860-7164)
Math ClubAdvisor: Leticia Escobar (972-860-7082)
National Society of Collegiate Scholars at Eastfield CollegePurpose: To recognize and celebrate high achievement among 1st and 2nd year students in all academic disciplines.

Advisor: Dan Coleman  (972-860-7156)
Nu Phi SigmaPurpose: To promote unity and community involvement through step.

Rhonda Jackson-Grandberry (972-860-7630)
Phi Theta Kappa - International Honor Society (PTK)
Purpose: To recognize and encourage scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service among students.

Advisors: Michael Noble (972-860-7146), Rik Post (972-860-8342), Sharon Cook (972-860-7629)
Rotaract ClubPurpose:  To provide opportunities for men and women to enhance personal development, and to promote a worldwide framework of friendship and service.

John Emery (972-860-7623), Kassandra Buck (972-860-7046)
Science Club
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Purpose: Provide an opportunity for those interested in Science to encourage leadership in the field of Science and research worldwide.

Advisor: Richard Post, Jr. (972-860-8342), Carl Knight (972-860-7152),  Jeff Hughes (972-860-7140), Joseph Malaer (972-860-7140)
Sigma Kappa DeltaPurpose: To recognize and award outstanding achievement in English, Literature, and Language.

Advisor: Nina Lambert (972-860-7229), Rufel Ramos (972-860-7631)
Student Government Association (SGA)Purpose:  To represent the student body at Eastfield College.

Advisor:  Diana Hopes (972-860-7634)
Videogame Club
Purpose: To collaborate and develop friendships between videogame players at Eastfield.

 Emilio Lopez (972- 860-7118), Rita Bregola (972-860-7631)