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Scholarship Opportunities

Participating in club activities, assuming leadership roles on campus, and  volunteering in your community and on campus are skill building, learning experiences  that can translate into scholarship funds to assist you with your education.

The following scholarships are primarily for students who may be leaders on campus, are actively involved in campus activities, have overcome adversity, or are active volunteers in the community. 

  • The LeCroy Scholars Program, sponsored by the DCCCD District Foundation, awards scholarships to students based upon significant leadership and outstanding scholarship.  Eligible applicants include current DCCCD students and high school seniors who will graduate in the spring. $600 per semester is awarded.  Applications are usually available in the SPAR Office in January.  The application deadline is the first Friday in March. 
  • Max Goldblatt Scholarship is a tribute to the lifetime of community service work of Max Goldblatt, whose work was instrumental in the creation of the Dallas County Community College District.  It was established to assist students and to foster a commitment to community service.  One student from each DCCCD campus will be selected to receive $600 per year ($300 per semester). 
  • Erin Tierney Kramp Scholarship Program honors the life of Erin Tierney Kramp. Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33, this determined woman vowed to fight cancer head on.  She researched medical specialists, studied alternative treatments, and examined state of the art, sometimes unproved methods, to battle this devastating disease.  Ms. Kramp was a featured guest on the Oprah Winfrey show promoting her book, "With the End in Mind."  Before she died, Erin's professional peers established the Erin Kramp Encouragment Foundation in her honor.  In February, 1999, the Foundation permanently endowed this scholarship to provide a full tuition scholarship to students who have demonstrated courage and perseverance in the face of adversity as exemplified by Erin Kramp. 

  • MUSE Scholars Program The MUSE Scholars program awards scholarships to students who demonstrate significant leadership and outstanding academic achievement. Eligible applicants include high school seniors whom will graduate in the Spring and current DCCCD students.

  • Texas A & M Commerce Transfer Scholarships available.
    • Eligibility 45 minimum transferable hours
    • 3.0 minimum cumulative transfer Grade Point Average
    • Student must successfully complete a minimum of 15 A&M Commerce  credit hours each semester
    • Maintain a semester and cumulative 3.0 GPA from A&M Commerce”

  • Texas A & M Commerce PTK Scholarships available
    • Eligibility-45 minimum transferable hours
    • 3.0 minimum cumulative transfer GPA
    • Student must successfully complete a minimum of 15 A&M Commerce credit hours each semester
    • Maintain a semester and cumulative 3.0 GPA from A&M Commerce
    • Be an active member of Pi of Texas, the Phi Theta Kappa alumni Chapter at A&M Commerce, which includes attending meetings, Participating in fundraisers, and culture activities, etc etc (For details visit the SPAR office).

These are only a few of the many scholarships for which you may be eligible.  Please be sure to visit with the Eastfield College Financial Aid Office for information about other scholarships or visit the DCCCD Foundation website for a complete list of scholarships available to students throughout the DCCCD.  There is also a list of scholarships for Eastfield College students only.