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Crime Prevention Unit

Eastfield Police

Crime PreventionEastfield College Police Department is proud to announce our Crime Prevention Unit. We are setting the standards for other DCCCD police departments.

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The Crime Prevention Unit is comprised of Crime Prevention Specialist Sgt. Brandon Boney. You may contact him at 972-860-7696 or email BrandonBoney@dcccd.edu.

The purpose of the Crime Prevention Unit is to provide a safe, secure environment or atmosphere for the students, faculty, and staff at Eastfield College.

The mission of the Crime Prevention Unit is to reduce or eliminate criminal opportunities before a crime occurs. The Crime Prevention Unit will conduct Crime Prevention Programs (lectures, speeches, seminars, and workshops) which will be open to all Eastfield College and District students, faculty, and staff.

The effort to prevent crime should be a shared responsibility involving as many students, faculty, and staff as possible. In addition, all police officers are committed to the prevention of crime.

See the Texas Crime Prevention Association for more information.