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Eastfield College Student Leadership Development Program


“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
-- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

E-LEAD is a comprehensive leadership training program for currently enrolled students designed to encourage students to see themselves as leaders and give them practical and adaptable skills for leadership opportunities both on campus and in the community.

Students who participate will…

  • Develop their personal leadership philosophy
  • Identify their core values and beliefs
  • Understand difference in leadership styles
  • Grow communications skills and manage conflict more effectively
  • Learn strategies for decision making
  • Build relationships
  • Understand diverse cultures

Reward and recognition await those willing to take the challenge and become a

Certified E-LEADER!

Core Components

What is leadership? (Introduction to leadership)
Knowledge Basics: Competence & Confidence
Discovering Your Authentic Self

Leadership Concentrations

Leading Self: Self-Awareness, Leadership Styles and Theory, Communication, Financial Literacy, Time Management, Using Parliamentary Procedure
Leading Others: Creating & Sharing Your Vision, The Art of Delegation, TRUE Teamwork-Building Strong Teams, Advocacy, Building Trusting Relationships, Diversity and Inclusion
Leading by Serving: Join a club, SGA, HarveSTARS, Student Ambassadors, Service Learning or participate in community service.


Sponsored by Student Life


Room C-141   -   972-860-7185