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We have a bevy of eager and talented writing gurus waiting to guide and assist you with your writing process. Meet our Team!

Gabriela Hernandez - Hi! I’m Gabriela Hernandez. I am currently a student here at Eastfield College and plan on transferring to UT Dallas to major in Public Affairs. I can relate to many students who have obstacles, especially financial ones, stand in the way of a college education. From my experience, however, I’ve found that there are many free resources available to help students take the next step. By refining students' writing skills and encouraging them on their journey, I am excited to be one of those resources. It’s easy to become insecure about writing, but we are here to remind you that your ideas are valuable- worth the effort of assembling them on paper!

Donya Flores - Donya began tutoring five years ago while attending Eastfield College. Prior to becoming a tutor, she completed 14 hours of Beginning and Intermediate Spanish while maintaining an A average. As an alumnus, Donya feels that she can truly relate to the students and their experiences of learning a foreign dialect. She is looking forward to helping you improve your knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language. Please visit her in The Link if you are in need of assistance. No appointment is necessary.

Alex Morris - Hi! My name is Alex Morris. I am a psychology major at Texas A&M Commerce; I am minoring in English. I have been tutoring for about a year now. I recently graduated from Eastfield myself. Like many of my students I started off in developmental classes. The hardest part of writing is just getting the words onto the paper. Sometimes all that can be done is writing your name down and going for a walk; that's okay, within reason. It's okay for students to daydream and I encourage students to use daydreams to their advantage. If you can read an assignment thoroughly, but not think of anything to write, it will be easier to think about when your brain is in daydreaming mode and easier to pen down later. It's called mind wondering.  If you don't have time to do that then come in and brainstorm with us.

J. Gomez - Hi my name is J. and I am a communications major. I am about half way through with my academic career and plan to transfer to UT Arlington.  Some of my interests include writing, going to open mics, and mysticism.  I am here to help you with all your writing needs.

Bridget Menard - Hello! My name is Bridget Menard. I’m an English major and aspiring writer at Eastfield College. I plan to transfer to a university soon, and I hope to one day attend graduate school. Lately, because of the wonderful experiences I’ve had tutoring fellow students, I have begun to consider teaching as a profession. Writing can be daunting, as it isn’t the most natural form of expression to most, but I hope to show students that it has its uses, and that it has its beauty. So, if you need any help whatsoever with the written word, feel free to visit me in The Link!

Ramiro Sanchez - Hello! My name is Ramiro Sanchez. I am a nursing student currently attending the University of Texas at Arlington and Brookhaven College. I started out at Eastfield and finished all of my basics and earned my Associates Degree in Science as well. I hope to someday earn my BSN at the University of Texas at Arlington. I have always enjoyed helping students succeed in their academic careers. If you need any help on your essays or writing skills, you are more than welcome to stop by The Link for help!

Amy Dennis – Interim Associate Dean, Arts and Communications, Supervisor of The Link.         

Prior to working in higher education, Amy spent several years in the advertising industry writing and editing copy for retail giants. When the non-profit sector called, she answered with grant writing in support of worthy causes in the Dallas area. She has always been fascinated by the English language and used to drive her mother crazy with questions about pronunciation, spelling, and homophones. Her research interests include survival literature, American roots music, poverty awareness, game-based learning, and the relationship between oral culture and academic success. Amy earned a B.A in English from the University of North Texas and a Master of Liberal Arts degree from Texas Christian University. She is mother of two quirky young men who will one day change the world.