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The Link for Students

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The Link is available for all Eastfield and other DCCCD students. However, students who use these services have certain responsibilities.

Student Responsibilities

  • Please sign-in at the front desk of The Link’s Staff computer

  • Come to The Link with as much information as possible about your assignment(s)

  • Bring all necessary supplies and texts to complete assignments

  • When seeking help from a tutor, allow enough time to cover assignments

  • Do their work on their own and ask the tutors for similar exercises for those that they do not understand

  • Ask specific questions

  • Turn off sound on cell phones and leave the center to talk on phones

  • Treat all the faculty, staff, and students in the center with respect

  • Use The Link’s computer for course work only

  • Follow check out reference material procedures

  • Maintain a minimal noise level

  • Maintain academic integrity

Student Rights

  • The Link will treat students with respect

  • Students will be served in the order they arrive at the center

  • Students may contact Associate Dean Sheneika Hathaway  of Arts and Communications with any concerns about the center or its services.

  • Students may have small snacks or closed-cap beverages, except while working on computers

Help Us Improve

If you have any comments or suggestions to help us improve and/or enhance our services, please contact us at 4thelink@dcccd.edu.