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MAPP 2009

Measures of Academic Proficiency and Progress

Summary of Proficiency Classifications

To show how many students are proficient at each level

Eastfield CollegeCohort Name:  Fall 2009
Abbreviated FormClose Date:  01/25/2010
Test Description: Abbreviated Form AStudent Level:  All
Number of students tested: 69 
Number of students included in these statistics: 62 
Number of students excluded (see roster): 7 
Skill Dimension
Proficiency Classification
Reading, Level 161%27%11%
Reading, Level 235%11%53%
Critical Thinking2%19%79%
Writing, Level 142%48%10%
Writing, Level 213%27%60%
Writing, Level 33%15%82%
Mathematics, Level 142%32%26%
Mathematics, Level 219%23%58%
Mathematics, Level 38%8%84%


The skills measured by the MAPP test are grouped into proficiency levels - three proficiency levels for writing, three for mathematics, and three for the combined set of skills involved in reading and critical thinking. The table and graph show the number and percentage of students who are proficient, marginal, and not proficient at each proficiency level in reading and critical thinking, writing, and mathematics. A student classified as marginal is one whose test results do not provide enough evidence to classify the student either as proficient or as not proficient. See the User's Guide for more information about these classifications, including a list of the specific skills associated with each proficiency level in each skill area.