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ESL Information for International Students

ESL courses at Eastfield College are designed to help students develop the English skills they need for the workplace, classroom, and everyday life in the community. Instruction is interactive, encouraging students to practice English through a variety of activities. Courses focus on reading and writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and real-world situations. Special topics courses also focus on conversation, accent reduction, and test preparation. When registering, all students take a free placement test, which determines their level (0-5)

Whether your goal is to improve your English to attend college, find a new job, or communicate with your child's school, our non-credit ESL courses can help!

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. Please visit the Continuing Education and Workforce Development office where you will fill out a registration form, and take a placement test to determine your level. Upon completion of the test, you will register you for your desired class date and time, and you can then pay at the Business Office.

Where are classes offered?

ESL courses are held at both the Eastfield College main campus and the Pleasant Grove campus.

When are classes offered?

Courses are offered during the day and in the evening from Monday to Saturday. There are at least six different time options for each level.

How long are the courses?

A/B level ESL courses are five or eight weeks, depending on when it is offered and how many times per week the class meets.

How much do ESL classes cost?

$90 for 40 hours of English language instruction, only $2.25 per hour. Books are roughly $35 and can be purchased in the bookstore (N100).

What is the difference between the A and B sections?

Each level of ESL, 0-5, has both an A and B section. Think of it like Part I and Part II.;Students should always start with the A section and then continue to B. Material covered in B builds on what was learned in A; both A/B must be completed before a student can advance to the next level. Classes split into A and B provide greater flexibility to students for work or family schedule changes.

What is the difference between non-credit ESL and credit ESOL courses?

Noncredit ESL is for those who simply want to learn English. There is a focus on real-world application and improving language skills. No college credit is awarded for ESL courses. ESOL courses are more advanced and designed for those who wish to earn a college degree.

When I complete the course, will I receive a certificate?

Students who successfully complete Level 5 ESL will earn a certificate of completion.

How old do you have to be to take ESL courses?

16 and up.

I heard about free English classes. Where can I sign up for those?

There are a limited number of free ESL classes offered through the Adult Education & Literacy program. These are basic courses only for students who test into Levels 0-2. Free ESL courses are combined courses and take place off-campus. All students, whether they are Level 0 or Level 2, are in the same class. Call 972-860-7626 for details.

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