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Steps for Taking the TSI Assessment

Let’s Talk About the TSI

The TSI (Texas Success Initiative) evaluates a student’s readiness for college-level courses in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics. This program will also help determine what type of course or intervention will best meet a student's needs and assist students in becoming better prepared for college-level coursework.

TSI Exemptions

There are exemptions to taking the TSI. You can find out more about TSI exemptions and waivers in the DCCCD catalog. You must take the TSI (or be exempted from taking it) before you can register for classes. At some of the colleges of DCCCD, the TSI must be completed before you can participate in orientation. 

Step One: Prepare for the TSI

Consider preparing for the TSI. There are free practice resources available for the TSI assessment through the ACCUPLACER website, including a web-based study app, practice questions and sample essays.

Step Two: Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity

All students must complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) in eConnect before taking the TSI. To take the PAA, you will need your DCCCD ID number, and you must be able to log into your eConnect account.  When you finish the Pre-Assessment Activity, click on the "Credit Student Menu" in eConnect, then select "My Personal Information" followed by "My Advising Report (GPA)". Make sure PAA shows as "taken" with the date it was completed.

Step Three: Get a Testing Referral

Contact your college's Advising/Counseling Center or Admissions/Registrar's Office to obtain a testing referral. You are required to complete a testing referral before taking the TSI assessment at a college's Assessment/Testing Center.

If you are not able to take an assessment test at one of the colleges of DCCCD, you will need to take the TSI Assessment at another approved institution in or out of state by means of Remote Voucher or Virtually. You will have to complete the Distance Learning Testing Referral form and submit it to the institution of choice listed below: 

Online students, who have tested elsewhere at an approved state institution and need their scores retrieved from the state database, must submit an Individual Score Report (ISR) request form to the office listed below:

Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee free testing from an outside institution.

Step Four: Take the TSI Assessment

The TSI assessment is untimed but typically takes between three to five hours for completion. The assessment is scored immediately after completion. The TSI assessment has three sections. The testing referral will identify which parts of the TSI assessment students will need to take.