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Sustainable Careers Track

What are some of the hot new “green” careers and, where is training offered? Get the latest information by attending the Sustainable Careers Track.

Session 1: Residential Building Performance Technology
Cedar Valley College

Session 2: Solar/Renewable Energy
Chuck Dale, professor, Eastfield College

Lunch Session: Green Remodeling: A Sustainable Approach
Robert Ruth, Architect, LEED-AP

Session 3: Green Construction
Mike Cooley, executive dean, North Lake College

According to the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Green Jobs Study, green construction provides around two million jobs in the U.S. The number of “green-collar” construction jobs is estimated to rise to eight million by 2013. In this session, you’ll learn what skills are needed for those new “green-collar” and green construction management jobs, and where you can get them.

Session 4: U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce/Earth NT