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Synergy Session 2: Clean Energy

​Georgetown Goes 100 Percent Green

Chris Foster

The presentation will cover a brief history of the utility and its carbon portfolio, the reasons why the utility opted to get 100 percent green power and how the utility plans to manage it going forward. Time permitting, it’ll also cover the public reception that followed the announcement.

Chris FosterChris Foster is manager of resource planning and integration for the city of Georgetown, Texas, and has served in the capacity since 2008, with a primary role of managing the municipally owned utility power supply. Previous work includes managing payroll for the Health and Human Services Commission, fixing computer equipment for CVS and Walgreens and running his own tech repair company. Chris is a graduate of Georgetown High School and holds a bachelor’s in economics/finance from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor and a master’s in public administration from Texas State University. Chris is a Certified Government Finance Officer through the Government Finance Officers Association. Chris is best known for orchestrating the successful transition of Georgetown’s power supply from a single provider that was more than 90 percent fossil fuel-based to being 100 percent wind and solar powered by 2017. His dissertation is titled “Does Proximity Matter? Measuring the Effect Green Space has on Residential Water Consumption” and can be found in the Texas State MPA ARP archives.

Solar Project Alternative Energy for South Dallas County

Paul Carden and Maria V. Boccalandro, Ph.D.

Find out about the potential for solar panels at Cedar Valley College and the opportunities and challenges it presents for the college and the southern sector of Dallas County. Paul will discuss the origins of the concept and the potential output, as well as potential methods for integrating the project into the Cedar Valley’s curriculum. He will also discuss what Cedar Valley has learned from colleges that have done similar projects as well as the challenges in building community support.   

Paul CardenPaul Carden is finance senior at the University of North Texas at Dallas with a focus on commercial real estate. He is the leader of the Southern Gateway Citizens Task Force that has helped to change the discussion on how to rebuild a major urban freeway in a more respectful and sustainable fashion. He also interns at Cedar Valley in the sustainability department under the leadership of Dr. Maria Boccalandro.

Dr. Maria Boccalandro is a sustainable urban planner with a master’s degree in urban transportation and a Ph.D. in political science. She is the sustainability program director for Cedar Valley College and is in charge of planning, developing, coordinating and administrating the awareness activities and communities outreach in sustainability including teaching responsibilities. She was the sustainability coordinator to Mountain View College before being at Cedar Valley. She represents Cedar Valley College in the DCCCD’s Sustainability Team — the steering group and think tank of sustainability initiatives for the seven colleges of the district. She is also part of the Liaison Implementation Team of the American Colleges and Universities President’s Climate Commitment. She reports to the CVC president and represents the college on the Board of Directors Oak Cliff’s Chamber of Commerce. In her role as sustainability officer and Sustainable Communities director, she is leading CVC on its journey to carbon neutrality and integrating sustainability into all of its operational practices and curricula. She has worked as a business consultant and a facilitator in strategic planning and sustainable development for many years. She has been an adjunct faculty for more than 25 years for institutions in Latin America and the U.S.