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Training included 12 months of employee skills training in technical areas, safety skills, continuous improvement and quality management processes.


Alexandria Extrusion South, a division of Alexandria Industries, provides heat transfer and extrusion solutions for the machine shop industry, and has 80 local employees. An HR representative from the company’s Minnesota location contacted Brookhaven to create training that would align the Texas group’s skills with the home-based office that had recently participated in a grant. 

Goal and Target Population

The goal of the partnership was to re-train 44 current employees and eight new hires at the company’s Texas location to align with the skills of their employees in other locations.


Training included technical areas such as computer numerical controlled programming (computer-based machining), CPR for on-the-job safety compliance, and formal quality management systems and continuous improvement through the Lean Six Sigma process. Employees included machine operators, shop managers, production workers, sales representatives and administrative assistants.

Lean Six Sigma combines two collaborative process improvement programs: Lean techniques for reducing production time and Six Sigma for continuous quality improvement. According to many analysts, Lean Six Sigma is the most popular business performance methodology in the history of corporate development.


$317,183 was awarded to Brookhaven College for a 12-month period through a Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Skills Development Training grant for training full-time employees. Funding included the cost for each employee’s tuition, books and other costs.

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges included identifying instructors proficient in teaching subject matter to employees who were also learning English. Training classes also had to be held during non-traditional work hours to match the company’s production schedule. To resolve these issues, the college hired an instructor and translator as needed and several classes were held between midnight and 6 a.m.

A welder at work

Strategies for Success

Brookhaven College staff assigned to work with AES went onsite to monitor training classes and participated in monthly meetings to stay abreast of training needs. The college also worked closely with the Texas Workforce Commission to ensure that the grant had a successful outcome in improving skills of the local workforce.


More than 50 AES employees upgraded their skills by attending training classes, also allowing the company to align the skill level of its Texas operation with its other sites.

Lessons Learned

Skills training must be flexible to allow workers to participate while continuing to meet their work production goals. Brookhaven College is prepared to realign training plans to meet its business partners’ current training needs.

What Our Partners Say

Ben Bomstad
Ben Bomstad
Corporate Trainer, Alexandria Industries
“ Alexandria Extrusion South has benefitted greatly from the training provided through the grant partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission and Brookhaven College. Our employees received key technical skill training that is essential for our growth and commitment to excellence, a core value of AES.

Brookhaven provided great training flexibility to meet the manufacturing schedule at AES. The staff at Brookhaven did a great job of communicating with the appropriate subject matter expert before and after each training project (and) adapting the training curriculum to the needs of our employees. AES will definitely look to TWC and Brookhaven for future training projects. ”

Where the Jobs Are

Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas lists these projected job openings and salaries in its 2014-2015 Targeted Occupations list: 

Job titleProjected Dallas employment for 2014-2015Dallas mean wage per hour
Composite bonding assembler8,350$14.865
CNC machine operator850$14.93
Quality control technician5,090$17.09

America’s Career Infonet lists these statistics for salaries and job growth in Texas:

Job titleMedian hourly salarMedian annual salaryProjected job growth through 2022​
Computer numerically controlled machine tool programmers$21.56$44,800​+55%
Computer controlled machine tool operators$16.95$35,300​+38%

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