IntegraColor, one of the 75 largest printing companies in North America, offers a variety of printing options for its clients, including full-color digital printing.


Eastfield College


Customized computer courses for employees at all levels in a large printing company


With 3-D jobs on the rise, the printing industry is estimated to become a $5.2 billion sector by 2020. IntegraColor, one of the 75 largest printing companies in North America, requires a workforce with extensive knowledge of specialized computer technology.

The company requested a customized training plan that would encompass instruction in Agile-Scrum, as well as several other technological programs to increase productivity, efficiency and operational practice in application. Agile is a group of software development methods emphasizing communication and collaboration with the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities; Scrum is an agile software development framework for managing product development.

Goal and Target Population

IntegraColor wanted to provide 107 new and current workers with customized computer technology training to address implementation of new products, services and management strategies. Targeted employees include: sales agents and client managers to enhance customer service and sales expertise, Mac operator trainees for advanced skills in industry-standard digital design software, and fulfillment personnel responsible for completing product orders.


The Texas Workforce Commission awarded a Skills Development Fund grant for $172,038 for a 12-month period beginning in August 2014, paying for tuition, books and other costs.



The IntegraColor grant is still in its infancy. Adobe Illustrator, the first course, began in September 2014. Eastfield College will provide instruction to IntegraColor employees for a projected 2,400 training hours in 13 programs over 12 months. Other courses include Adobe InDesign, CADD/CAM, Agile-Scrum certification, architectural illustration, 3-D modeling and design, Web design, sales applications, Microsoft Office Excel and PowerPoint and Lean Six Sigma green belt certification.

  • Lean principles were first created by Toyota to reduce waste by defining, measuring, analyzing and improving processes in manufacturing. Lean management seeks to eliminate wastes of time and money through team-based problem solving.
  • Six Sigma provides techniques for continuous process improvement by identifying and removing causes of defects and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. Named for the degree of allowable statistical variation in manufacturing, it was originally developed by Motorola.
  • Lean Six Sigma combines the two: Lean techniques for reducing production time and Six Sigma for continuous quality improvement. According to many analysts, Lean Six Sigma is the most popular business performance methodology in the history of corporate development.

Challenges and Solutions

IntegraColor employees attend classes covering design software, 3-D modeling, Web design, sales applications and more.

Collaborative efforts between the college’s workforce, resource development and IT personnel have minimized potential challenges in class scheduling, agreements with third-party educational service providers and setting up hardware and software.

Strategies for Success

Ongoing communication among all parties, detailed organization skills and committed collaboration by IntegraColor employees have been exceptional strategies for success. The company initially provided its employees training opportunities through Eastfield and El Centro colleges in a TWC Skills Development Fund (SDF) training grant consortium in 2008. The opportunity to partner with Eastfield for a second SDF grant has given IntegraColor increased training capacity for employees to gain skills and credentials leading to higher wages.

Expected Outcomes

  • Development of more Lean, critical thinking and technology-driven skills sets with applicable industry certifications for employees
  • Improved operations designed to re-engineer processes and generate cost savings, maximizing stability and growth
  • Improved production completion and order cycles

Lessons Being Learned

Although the project is still in its infancy, Eastfield College personnel have learned the value of collaboration between development and implementation teams with IntegraColor for project design and development.

What Our Partners Say

Kevin Camp
Senior Vice President of Operations, IntegraColor
“ Technology continues to transform the printing industry. Today’s savvy print customers are seeking solutions that go far beyond the traditional print and bindery services offered in the past. They are looking for value-added services like customized ordering websites, real-time web access to printed inventory, complex structural design services and other solutions that reduce costs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing programs.

IntegraColor has met these customer needs, but understands that every new horizon brings new technologies and new requirements to change. Partnering with Eastfield College and the Texas Workforce Commission is one of our best strategic moves to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs delivering outstanding and focused education of our workforce. The educated worker is our key to delivering technology solutions to our customers. ”

Where the Jobs Are

Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas lists projected job openings and salaries in its 2014-2015 Targeted Occupations list for:

Job title Dallas employment in 2014-2015 Dallas mean wage per hour
Business operations specialist 10,020 $37.87
Customer support specialist 37,380 $16.34

America’s Career Infonet lists these statistics for salaries and job growth in Texas:

Job title Median hourly salary Median annual salary Projected job growth through 2022
Graphic designer $19.60 $40,800 +18%
Business operations specialist $34.13 $71,000 +20%

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