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Teaching Assistant

Make a positive change in your community as a teacher’s assistant.

Teaching Assistant at a Glance

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As a teacher’s assistant you’ll be providing support for classroom teachers in preschool or K-12 education.

This support includes instruction, record-keeping, supervising students and sometimes planning lessons.

While some teacher’s assistants work primarily in a classroom setting, others may work in specific areas in the school like computer labs or the library.

Teacher’s assistants typically have certain qualities that will make them effective in their jobs. These include:

  • flexibility while they assist the teacher in their duties
  • dependability as teachers will rely on them time and time again
  • communication as they interact with the teacher and students throughout the day
  • a love for learning and children

HB 1508 Notice

This program may lead to an occupational license for which a prior criminal history may make a student ineligible. For more information please visit

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