Classes resume Monday, March 30, fully online.
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Parts Expeditor
International Trucking Co.

“The best part of the Auto Body program so far has been the instructors. They’ve showed me stuff I never knew but that I need to know in the auto body industry. I always like doing something; it’s a challenge to do something different every day.

“I don’t like to just be sitting at a desk in a classroom, I like working with my hands. I like how you can take a totaled car and rebuild it; that’s just cool.

“What would I like to be doing in 10 years? I’d like to own my own shop and be the boss.”

A 2008 graduate of Garland’s Lakeview Centennial High School, Vu Lee began taking Auto Body classes at Eastfield College as dual credit enrollment from his high school sophomore year on. He is earning an associate degree in Auto Body Technology at Eastfield College, and currently works in a plant that builds trucks from scratch, receiving parts on the line.