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Cantu Construction Co.

“I’m taking the Alternative Energy Systems class to learn how to install solar panels and learn about alternative energies for my own education. If I can use this knowledge for business in the future, that would be great. 

“I didn’t have any previous electrical education or experience, so I had some catching up to do there. I didn’t finish high school either, so this has been my first experience in college. The best thing about this class? Chuck Dale has a relaxed way of teaching. If you don’t understand something, he’ll explain it. He’s very down to earth and explains things very well.

“Why am I interested in renewable energy? We’ve got to get out of our dependence on oil and treat the Earth better. Renewable energy is the wave of the future of construction. We’ve got to figure out how to use it in our homes, to produce and use our own power. The goal should be to be self-sufficient and self-contained, and there are just so many ways to do that.”

John Cantu is the owner of Cantu Construction Co. in Seagoville, a construction company specializing in underground utilities.