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Sorter, UPS

“My company, UPS, encourages us to get our degrees and then move up in the company, which I’d like to do — I’m going for an associate degree in electronics.

“The best thing I’ve learned in the Alternative Energy Systems class is how renewable energy can save natural resources. It may cost money up front, but then the source of energy is free or greatly reduced, and you can’t beat that. In the long run, you’ll save money and it will reduce power usage. A few years down the road, the price of power will go up and solar and wind energy will help keep prices more steady, theoretically to net zero. 

“Solar power can help take pressure off the power grid so that people can be more self-sustaining. It’s a fascinating field, and I truly believe it’s the future. My dream job would to be a manager — I still want to be a technician, but I also want to help young people down the road fulfill their dreams and teach them how to do things right. If you’re a manager or teacher, you never stop learning new things.” 

Mark Didier earned an associate degree in Electronics Technology in December 2011. He has worked as a sorter for UPS since 2005 and hopes to move up in the company after earning his associate degree.