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Full-time student

“All of our energy resources are going to run out, and I’m learning new applications not only to save energy but to get a good job. The most interesting thing so far to me is making energy out of simple devices. But one of the best parts is having discussions about life, like what will happen when we run out of natural resources? There are lots of questions in this economic climate of what to do with the limited resources we have. 

“My dream job would to be an electronics engineer, which means I’ll need to go on and earn my bachelor’s degree. I’d like to really understand and be able to apply alternative energy sources like solar, wind and geothermal, to save money — and get and keep a good job.” 

Robert G. Guzman is a full-time student at Eastfield College working towards an associate degree in Electronics/Computer Technology. In his spare time, he plays trumpet in a mariachi band.