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Automotive Technology Instructor

“I’ve been an Automotive Technology instructor with DCCCD for seven years, and there are times we run into welding needs specific to automobiles. I wanted to have that skill set, so I came here with the idea of taking one basic welding course, but now I want to take more.

“The quality of instruction is excellent, and Dewayne Roy is a very knowledgeable instructor. One thing I really like about the class is the teaching demos; every morning I’ve walked into the lab, Dewayne is set up and ready to go with another demo.

“Dewayne has a huge tolerance for the learning curve — he’s very elastic when it comes to interaction with students. He may have to repeat the same thing several times a day or week, and he does it patiently every time.

“After taking one welding class, I'm not an expert, but I do have a great foundation. I’m confident that I could do a good-quality weld in most situations I’m likely to run into.”

David McNabb earned an associate degree in Automotive Technology and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Texas Tech University. Before becoming an Automotive Technology instructor, he worked in several GM dealerships and as a field service engineer for GM.