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Computer Literacy

Before you can register for credit classes, you are required to demonstrate certain computer skills to ensure that you can use technology as a learning tool.

You can meet the computer literacy requirement by passing the ACCUPLACER Computer Skills Placement Test or completing one of several computer courses. The ACCUPLACER Computer Skills Placement Test is available at no charge to give you information that will help you and an advisor select your course of study.

Here’s how it works:

  • Only students who have completed the ACCUPLACER Computer Skills Placement Test or one of several computer courses or who are exempt or temporarily waived from the requirement are eligible to register on eConnect. If you do not fall into one of these categories, please meet with an advisor as soon as possible. The advisor will check to see if you need to take the computer assessment. (If your degree plan includes a computer requirement, you will need to enroll in a course to meet this requirement.)

  • If you need to take the test, the advisor will give you directions for completing the ACCUPLACER Computer Skills Placement Test in your college's Testing Center. The test will measure your skills in six areas.
    • If you pass the test, no computer class is required.
    • If the test shows that you need additional skills in one or more areas, you will be required to improve your skills by enrolling in specific one-credit-hour or three-credit-hour computer classes. An advisor will help you select the appropriate course.
    • You can retest one time in the first semester of enrollment. The retest fee is $10. If you have not passed the test or completed a specific computer class by the time you register for your second semester of enrollment, you will be required to enroll in a course. Again, an advisor can help you select the specific course.

    If you are uncertain about your computer literacy skills and feel that a computer science class will be helpful to your college experience, you do not need to take the Computer Skills Placement Test. Visit with your advisor to explore your computer science course options.

    Here are resources that describe the Computer Skills Placement Test objectives and provide you practice before taking the test:

    See our official catalog for more information about the Core Curriculum and Pre-Core requirements.