“Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible. Man’s tendency to injustice makes democracy necessary.”
                    —  Reinhold Niebuhr

Our democratic government is a vital and constantly changing force that impacts virtually everything we do today and will do in the future.

Our courses in American Government don’t just give you static information; they provide you with the opportunity to think critically about political processes and issues at the state and federal levels.

We want to enable and empower you to take the role of active citizenship. Whether your study of government is for a politically oriented career path, for personal knowledge or incorporated into a transfer plan to a four-year college or university, the colleges of DCCCD can give you the solid foundation you’ll need for the future.

Our Faculty: Why Government is Important

“My discipline is about people participating in our system of government. That is what makes our country a democracy. One has to take part in order to know what is involved in making our government work for us. Complaining about what the government is not doing, without participating in the process by voting, leaves you no reason to complain.” — Marshall Hobbs, Eastfield College

Government Courses

All colleges of DCCCD offer courses in Government. Please check the current class schedule of the DCCCD college you plan to attend to see which courses are offered each semester.

See the catalog for a full listing of Government course descriptions.

Government: Part of Our Core Curriculum

See which Government courses fulfill component requirements in the area of Social and Behavioral Sciences in our Core Curriculum. Find out how you can “Get More With the Core!”