Management: Cooperative Education - Eastfield

By taking these cooperative course(s) you are indicating that you are planning to attain the associates or certificate in management, or the supervisor certificate. Additionally, BMGT 2382 is required for the Business Administration associate and Human Resources Assistant Certificate.

This course is viewed as an opportunity to develop your management skills in adopting goals (objectives) that will challenge you and lead to your improved value as an employee. This expansion of your skills and experiences should contribute to your career and possibly open up other challenges, so that this activity will become a life time skill.

Many of you are already on this type of development track at your work, this course allows you to obtain college credit for these activities. If you are not doing this activity already, this is a good way to start.

The format is to complete the three forms identified below and all are required by the due date on your current syllabus. This requires on form A, what objectives/goals you will accomplish during our semester. Obtain your managers support and signature then return these by the due date indicated on your syllabus.

The remainder of the semester you will be completing self-assessment exercises to develop insight and growth opportunities for yourself. This assignment allows you to be introspective and proactive with your development.

Verification that you accomplished your work related objectives at the end of the semester, is also on form A. Additionally, form B is due at the end of the semester. See syllabus for due dates.

I hope this gives you an introduction and idea what is expected of you in these courses. If you have questions please contact us at

Application form for all COOP Classes

Internship/Practicum/Cooperative Education Training Station Agreement

Evaluation Form - Learning Objectives (Part A)  

Guidelines for completing the evaluation form - Learning Objectives (Part A)

Internship/Practicum/Cooperative Education Evaluation Form Basic Workplace Skills/Attributes (Part B)

Emilio Lopez - Business Management COOP Syllabi

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