CADD Program Coordinator and Faculty
Eastfield College

“I took a drafting course when I was in high school in Corsicana. We got the chance to draw whatever we wanted, and I thought it was really fun. So I decided to get an associate degree, but the technical institute nearest my home was really expensive. My mom found Eastfield College on the Internet — I’d never even been there before I went to sign up for the CADD program.

“Mike Kirkpatrick [now retired after more than 30 years of teaching at Eastfield] was one of my favorite professors, and my favorite CADD class was 3-D modeling.

“Now I’m the CADD program coordinator and a faculty member at Eastfield. What I love about my job is helping students who start out not being able to draw anything, then go on to four-year universities or get good jobs.”

Marques Washington earned an associate degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design at Eastfield College in 2001 and began teaching in Eastfield's CADD program in 2009.