Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

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SMAW stands for shield metal arc welding, also known as "stick" welding.

Like all welding, it is a technique used to join two metals. Just like you use nails to join two pieces of wood or mortar to hold bricks together.

Globally SMAW is one of the most popular welding processes. Welders enjoy the simplicity of its welding equipment.

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Industry Information

How does SMAW work?

In this technique electricity flows from the motor, through an electrode (referred to as a stick) and finally arrives at the metal you are working with. That electric current forms an arc.

SMAW is unique in that it is great for welding jobs that require you weld outdoors. For example, repairing a bulldozer. GMAW (aka MIG) and GTAW (aka TIG) techniques are more difficult outside. Due to the wind, it can make it hard to produce a strong final product/weld. If you are welding indoors, however, all three techniques will work.

What types of metals can I weld with?

SMAW is great for welding with the following metals: steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

Career Information

What kind of jobs can I find with SMAW skills?

In general, SMAW is common in the steel industry. More specifically, structural steel.
SMAW is also used heavily in the construction industry as well as maintenance and repair. SMAW is great for creating welded pipe (known as industrial fabrication).

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What classes will I take?

This certificate is available as a credit or continuing education/workforce award.
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Will this certificate help me earn a degree in welding?

If the classes are taken as college credit, the credits can also be applied to other welding awards.

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