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Nursing and Health Care Degrees and Certificates

Interested in a career in one of the hottest fields around?

The health sciences programs Eastfield College can prepare you for a rewarding, in-demand position that will let you make a difference in other people’s lives.

Not quite sure which health science program you’re interested in? Check out the Careers Resource Center and find the health science career that's right for you.

Nursing and Health Care Programs

Social Work

Make a difference in the world as you help people improve their lives in some way—from employment and housing to transportation and mental health.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Comfort and equip people in crisis to change their addictive behaviors.


Looking for other options? Eastfield College offers additional programs in continuing education to get your started in your career or expand your skills.

Eastfield College At-A-Glance

The Job Skills You Need

Go from “higher ed” to “hired” with hands-on training that builds job-ready skills. You’ll learn from industry professionals in a small, supportive environment.

Training Close to Your Home and Work

Spend less time in traffic and more time hitting the books. Choose from classes at seven colleges throughout Dallas County or completely online.

Classes to Fit Your Schedule

Ask anyone today how they are doing and they’ll often tell reply “busy.” Our colleges offer a variety of schedules to fit your availability.

Tuition You Can Afford

A quality education shouldn’t come at a premium, and when it comes to value, DCCCD makes the grade. Graduate with knowledge, not debt.

You'll receive unparalleled quality at a tuition you can afford.