Substance Abuse Counseling at a Glance

What does a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) do?

  • Addresses the effects of dependence on substances including alcohol, tobacco and drugs on clients and their families
  • Helps to develop an understanding of chemical dependency problems, define goals and plan actions reflecting the individual's or group's interests, abilities and specific needs
  • Works as a team member with other health, clinical and law enforcement professionals, sometimes in crisis situations
  • Must have knowledge of medical conditions and problems, but does not perform hands-on medical procedures

What is the career outlook?

  • Jobs are available in office, clinic and hospital settings, as well as in group homes, shelters and day programs of both public and private organizations
  • Work hours vary but often include evening and weekend hours
  • Continued education and professional certification improve job prospects
  • The state of Texas allows individuals to be licensed as an LCDC with an associate degree in a related area of study; students may also continue their education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in social work or human services
  • Projected job growth of 27% in Texas through 2018, with median salaries $16.82 per hour or $35,000 annually*
    Dallas County: median salaries $14.13 per hour or $29,400 annually*

Statistics are included only as guidelines and will vary with fluctuations in the economy and job market. More specific local hiring and salary information can be obtained at college information sessions.

Substance Abuse Counseling program

Awards and coursework Eastfield Credit hours Continuing Education contact hours
Substance Abuse Counseling Associate in Applied Sciences DegreeX
Substance Abuse Counseling CertificateX33 
Mental Health/Substance Abuse Prevention CertificateX18 

Graduates of the program will have the necessary educational requirements to become eligible for testing and licensure as a licensed chemical dependency counselor. For more information, visit the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor website

Measures of effectiveness Eastfield

Employment rates for graduates**

Licensure as an LCDC by the Texas Department of Health State Services


What are the prerequisites?

Here are the links to the current course catalog pages listing all of the prerequisites, courses included and the length of the programs.

Who can help me decide which health science career is right for me?

Contact the Health Careers Resource Center.

What more do I need to know?

  • Acceptance to the Substance Abuse Counseling program is by admission to Eastfield College; initial coursework may be started at any DCCCD college.
  • Learn more about Substance Abuse Counseling.

*America’s Career Infonet 2011 data for substance abuse counselors
**Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Perkins 2009-2010