Jeremy Bramall

Eastfield College

Jeremy “Buster” Bramall holds an associate degree in Automotive Service Technology from Tarrant County College in Ft. Worth, where he also served as an instructor in the automotive program. An Eastfield instructor since 2003, he also serves as an instructor for scan tools, oscilloscopes and engine analyzers for OTC Tools.

Jeremy grew up on a farm where his father ran a cabinet shop and repaired all kinds of vehicles. After high school graduation, he went to work in an independent auto repair shop, where he worked full time during the day and earned his associate degree in night classes. He started out cleaning and doing basic maintenance and after four and a half years was an ASE master technician with L1 and Texas certified emissions repair technician.

After the owner died, Jeremy took over the business, which also housed a speedometer repair shop building speedo cables from scratch and repairing speedometers, magnetos, and antique starters and generators. There, he also worked on cars as rare as a 1914 Model T Racer, 1940 Packard Limousine, Nash Metropolitan and 1960s Daimler, one of only four in the US.

Jeremy then worked for Sewell Lexus for 10 years and became a Lexus master technician, team leader, technician trainer and diagnostic specialist, also regularly acting as a liaison for visiting engineers from Japan. He began teaching night classes at Tarrant County College in their continuing education program and also started training for OTC Tools. He has been teaching scan tool and engine analyzer classes for OTC since 2003, covering a territory that includes half of Texas, most of Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma, and the southwest corner of Arkansas.

Raised around motorcycles, he races in off-road and endurance races and has raced for several years in TCCRA and TORO; his race bike is a Honda CR500AF. He has also competed in wakeboarding and has flown prop planes, Learjets and helicopters, and is building a plane at his house. His hobbies include metal and plastic fabrication, electronics and robotics.