About mINiTERN


The mINiTERN Program began in Spring 2015 with a partnership between DCCCD and Hunt Consolidated and has run projects every semester since.  The program has been run successfully in large and small organizations and is appropriate for any business or organization.

About the mINiTERN Program & Application

The mINiTERN program provides real-word business experience and skills to students in a 10-week program where students, working with a team advisor, act as a consulting team to evaluate a company or industry issue. Students interact weekly sharing project plans, questions and findings with host company employees. Project teams present their analysis and strategic recommendations to the host company through a formal end-of-project presentation.

Qualified Candidates

  • Must have completed at least 30 credit hours of college level course-work
  • Must be a currently enrolled student at DCCCD (not applicable during summer)
  • Have a strong desire to gain professional skills and experience
  • Must be available to attend all team meetings (see project list)
  • Understand that time commitment is 4-6 hours per week for the 10-week program

More Information

While projects are hosted/ run on a specific campus, any DCCCD student may apply to any project. 
Faculty or staff act as team advisors to the project teams and as a liaison with the company partner. 
Successful participants from prior semesters also act as mentors for the student project team. 
Projects are designed to run within the semester and end prior to finals week. 

For specific information on current opportunities, see the Upcoming Projects section on home page.

mINiTERN Sample Calendar ​ ​ ​ ​

Date Location Meeting Type Time Deliverables
Week 0DCCCD CampusStudent Kick-Off/ Program OrientAfternoon/ 2 hoursCase Study PP
Week 1Company SiteCompany & Project Kick-OffAfternoon/ 1.5 hoursCompany Questions
Week 2Campus/ Conf CallProject MeetingAfternoon/ 2 hoursIntro PowerPoint
Week 3Campus/ Conf CallProject MeetingAfternoon/ 2 hoursPowerPoint v2
Week 4Company SiteProject Meeting/ Presentation TrainingAfternoon/ 2.5 hours 
Week 5Campus/ Conf CallProject MeetingAfternoon/ 2 hoursPowerPoint v3
Week 6Company SiteProject Meeting/ Check-pointAfternoon/ 2 hoursSummary of Recommend
Week 7Campus/ Conf CallProject MeetingAfternoon/ 2 hoursPowerPoint v4
Week 8Company SiteProject Meeting/ Presentation ReviewAfternoon/ 2 hoursPowerPoint v5
Week 9Campus/ Conf CallProject MeetingAfternoon/ 2 hoursPowerPoint v6
Week 10Company SiteFinal PresentationsAfternoon/ 2.5 hours PowerPoint v.Final