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The Blackboard IM Interface


eCampus Training. Topic: Blackboard IM — Interface. 

Learning Objectives — Students will learn the following: Know how to log into Blackboard IM and use the Interface. 

Double-click the Blackboard IM icon on the desktop. 

Enter your Blackboard IM ID. Enter your password. 

If you select remember me Blackboard IM will remember your ID and password. 

Sign in automatically will sign you in each time the computer is turned on. 

Note: Be sure to NOT check either on a shared computer. 

Select sign in. 

There are three tabs located above the Blackboard IM window: Contacts contains Blackboard IM users that will appear on the list regardless of being in a class or not; Classmates contains a list of Blackboard IM users in a class or organization with you if Blackboard IM is enabled; School contains the Help Desks that your institution has set up (i.e., campus offices, library services and tutoring). 

Note: The School tab only appears if your institution has set up at least one Help Desk. 

The Classmates tab contains your courses with course users holding a Blackboard IM account. 

User Status icons: Available, Away, Offline, Office Hours, Invisible.

To see your contacts, select the Contacts tab. 

Your contacts are available to you independent of course enrollments. 

You can organize them by category if desired. 

This example has the users organized in Help Desk. 

Note: To add a contact, they need to have a Blackboard IM ID. 

You can change your availability Status by selecting the arrow. 

To be shown as unavailable, select Away (it still shows you are logged in, but away from your computer). 

You can still send and receive messages in this mode. 

To make a new Status message, select Custom. 

Enter a Title. 

The title is what shows in your Status list. Enter a Message. 

The Message shows under the name on the contact’s IM window. 

Select OK. 

To create a focused setting where classmates and contacts can line up for individual attention, select Office Hours. 

To Edit or Delete a custom status message, select Edit Status Messages. 

Select the desired status message. 

Select the minus sign to delete the status message or select Edit to make changes. 

Select Profile. 

An image can be added by either dragging and dropping or using Choose Picture. 

You can add information of interests here. 

You can add relevant web sites using the add button and adding the URL and a description. 

Select OK. 

To view a Profile, select the desired user. 

Hover your mouse over their name, and their Profile will show. 

Select the Blackboard IM menu. 

You can log into your account and make changes such as changing your password or changing the courses that display. 

Select Manage Account. 

Enter your Blackboard IM ID and Password. 

Select Sign in. 

You can change your password, change your email address, change your security question. 

You can change your settings here. 

You can choose which classes appear in your Blackboard IM window. 

If you do not want to use Blackboard IM in a course, uncheck the box next to the course name. 

Sign Out when you are finished. 

The course, AT 310: SoftChalk Basics, no longer appears under the Blackboard IM Classmates Tab.