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Helen Butler
Staff Awardee

Helen retired staff, nominated for the Retiree Hall of Honor award because of the fabulous job that she did as a secretary and finally as an Administrative Assistant. She served the Eastfield Social Science division for over thirty years. She became as proficient as anyone in the District with Colleague software. She is respected and loved by the students, faculty, and administration. She has always been loyal and still goes the extra mile in helping all to succeed.

It has been Helen who worked during crunch registration at 7:00 in the morning to help early arriving students and as the week got started, she switched her hours to the evening, often staying way beyond her prescribed ending hours, working with students who were having trouble with their schedules. It was not unheard of to hear that she remained until 10:00 p.m. Helen also often helped with registering Police Academy students for two or three-day workshops. In baseball terms, Helen became the utility player for the division.

In Helen’s case, she does most of her community service on campus. Before she retired, she made the Division hum, and after retirement, she does whatever it takes to make the Division the best it can be. When Helen retired, she did so to help her terminally ill sister live out her time, knowing that she would want to come back as a part-time worker. There must be thousands of students and faculty that received and still receive kind and efficient help from Helen Butler.​​